European North Sea Energy Alliance (Scotland)

ENSEA: Increasing competitiveness of research-driven
energy clusters through better coordination and exploitation of research.  



A partnership of Energy Technology Partnership (ETP), Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Renewables represents Scotland’s academic, public and industry interests in the North Sea Energy Alliance (ENSEA).

Scotland is one of five regional partners, from around the North Sea, along with regions of Germany, The Netherlands, Norway and, newly-included Denmark.

 ENSEA aims to:

  • Promote cooperation & innovation in integrating sustainable, renewable energy into existing energy systems;
  • Identify opportunities & develop collaborations for a Joint Action Plan, Joint Research Programme and research proposals (e.g. EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme funding);
  • Increase competitiveness of research-driven energy clusters;
  • Facilitate development & sharing of knowledge.

This ENSEA Scotland website provides information relevant to the Scottish Energy Sector, and relevant stakeholders, who may wish to get involved in the ENSEA activities.

The general ENSEA website provides information on our partners in the Alliance along with documents and events in Europe and the North Sea area relating to innovation in energy systems and the transition to increased systems integration.